Thursday, December 20, 2012

Popsicle (plastic pedals)


 suitable from XC to FR use

 15mm thickness for entire pedal

 Nylon Fiber body, Cr-Mo axle

 Smooth rolling ball bearings

 Eleven pins on outer edge per side

 Weight: 350 gram/ PR

 Color: Black, Orange, Green, White

Our brand-new bright collection POPSICLE pedals feature the great advantages of ultra lightweight as well as the low price and the pedaling reaction won’t be sacrificed in the meanwhile.

It is made of Nylon Fiber with Cr-Mo axle representing in platform 100mm*100mm* 15mm thick which thin body to offer unheard of ground clearance. Furthermore, it’s available in 4 colors for your choice: Black, Orange, Green and White. Not only the attractive colored appearances have but also are suitable for every generation/ level— either for the youth or the old, from city bike to extreme bikes (XC-FR).

What are you still waiting for then?!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Da Bomb: SLA (Shifter Lever Adapter)

We deeply believe there are many riders stuck in a very embarrassed situation—the wires of rear derailleur are tangled while making tricks. This is the crucial inspiration to Da Bomb’s R&D team when such problems happened all the time and why he’s here to show every one of you.

Undoubtedly, such function-oriented product like SLA in the market must be quite rear—made of Aluminum CNC’d 6061 T6 material, works with SRAM system X.9/X.O/ X.X. Moreover, SLA is also universal for many types, such as Slope style/ Enduro/ AM/ Dirt Jump/ Street.

Now, SLA is not only a practical tool for you but also a stylish accessory for your partner.


Da Bomb-- 2nd Generation Bunker

Da Bomb Bunker: Fork Mudguard Pad

While seeing such tiny stuff at your first glance, you may be wondering how can it work as an unnecessary part on your bike?

Have you ever been splashed water/dirt on your face or outfit while riding? Certainly yes and we believe this 2nd generation Bunker, which serves as a shield, is the best solution on your ride.

To overcome the obstacles we encountered on 1st generation, this time we change the design for lower middle Velcro strap by adding the ring and the placement of Velcro hook and loop so it won’t slip easily as 1st generation.

Moreover, look at our delicate graphic design by heat transferring on the surface to show everyone your uniqueness.

Worrying about whether it fits your partner or not? No need to worry—this is also under our consideration when development. There are 2 sizes for your pick: one is for fork travel 90mm to 140mm, the other is for fork travel 140mm to 200mm. Before purchasing, please measure in advance and refer to the standard we offered.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Website Updated!!

Dear All,

Welcome back to Da Bomb Family!
The website has been updated!!
Are you looking for the new and cool components for your bike for 2013? Please check our website out for the items you desired there.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

website updating, coming soon!

Dear All,

For the new season's coing, Da Bomb launches new products for all the bike fans!
We are working on the website, Da Bomb Bike, updating now, and looking forward to giving you more fun with our new products.

New version, coming soon!!! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2012 EuroBike, we will see you then

Dear all,

I hope you are doing well.

Very quickly, it's August now and we are full with great enthusiasm for 2012 EuroBike show. Still, our booth is B4-510. Please come to visit Da Bomb new products and let's have some drink and talk. See you guys soon :))

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Da Bomb @I-1130 Taipei Cycle Show 2012

Dear friend,

Da Bomb Bikes will be exhibiting the wide product range at Taipei Cycle Show 2012. With the trendy innovation, it will be a big festival at our booth, unveiling the new collection and getting some catch-ups. Come and visit Da Bomb Bikes at Booth no.I-1130 1st floor, March 7- 10, 2012. To make an appointment with us, please send your available date and time!

Da Bomb Bikes provides self-brand frame and parts, OEM and also custom for clients for a wide variety of companies. On the bike market for more than 20 years, Da Bomb Bikes has approached the next stage with high technology. However, the design the aesthetics is hardcore! We design bike, we ride as well!

This year we will display new stuff as usual.

 Frame: Enduro/ Snow bike/ Slope Style/ Cyclocross/ 29er

 Parts: Rims/ hubs/ handlebars/ Seatposts

We sincerely invite you all to stop by at I-1130 taking a look of our brilliant new, epic weapons.

Stay tuned! Ciao

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bunker- new design neoprene mudguard

Mudguard seems tiny and less important but in fact it plays a vital role in riding. When it comes to muddy, sandy or watery battlefield. Any kind of bad circumstances you may want to avoid hence you want to upgrade your gear kits.

Regularly Bunker means the underground fort which also inspires us to name it. The Bunker is designed to be your protection. Set it up on your bike for preventing mud and spray up on your faces and eyes. It is perfect for both cross country and downhill. We choose Neoprene this material -synthetic rubber to make our gudguard pad. It has very good stability and maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range. Team Da Bomb applies with high technology and won't lose any opportunities to catch up with any trends.

The size of bunker has small and large.
  • Small for fork travel 90-140mm
  • Large for fork travel 140-200mm

It's fitted with any kind of forks. 


The bunker has been sold for a while. Now the second generation has added with the third snap ring. The straps all come up with the rings that strengthen the intension. As the below pic is shown, the left side one is old version for your reference. You can see that the right hand side which is with the ring underneath.

Interested in purchasing your bunker for your bike?! Please contact your local distributor or email 

Oh well, Don't forget to get some new designs of stickers! 8 pcs a set. Strongly recommend to decorate your bike with Da Bomb stickers!