Friday, October 28, 2011

MK20 epic stem RELEASED

Heavyweight bombshell WAVES again! The MK20 stem on the market from now...Da Bomb officically announces MK20 features CNC- machined body. What's more? Take a quite look of it first... Color options are gold, black and silver. 

Shiny Gold is shown as pictures

The glitz of MK20 applies the 5'oclock in the afternoon.

The black still keeps low-key style by matted surface process.  
   It is designated to Rock Roxxer forks that is four-bolt-direct mount system. New 45mm and 50mm length. The clamp size is 31.8mm.

The pure silver andoizes its body and how amazing it is...The look of MK20 is firmly simple and you even could feel the stiffness.

The special 3-piece-design reduces the weight... pretty lightweight as the photoshoot shows the weight is at 158 grams.

The extra spacer will help you adjust the height of the fork if you need it. In case the height is way too short, when you ride it on and it will have chance to lean forward which probably cause you fall down...So the spacer could solve this problem! You may add it to adjust your riding condition...

New annual stem series Now is available worldwide. Get more info please click on See ya guys!

Have a sick ride on weekend Guys!