Thursday, September 26, 2013

******DYNAMITE 275***** The coolest ENDURO frame DaBomb ever made

Dynamite is the ENDURO model for the DaBomb family and it comes with 27.5 inches.

 The 275 has good riding feature so DaBomb decided to use it. The four bar linkage design is easy to maintain and the rear dropout spacing 142mm*12mm improves the strength of the rear triangle. The 27.5 wheel size is suitable for more trail condition and comfort which is your best choice.

4 bar linkage design
27.5 for better trial condition and faster speed
Frame comes with 142mm QR thru axle
E2 direct mount front derailleur

Size: 16"
Tapered  Head Tube 1-1/8"(ZS44) / 1.5" (ZS56)
Travel: 6 inches
Shock: Rock Shox Monarch RT
Seat post: 30.9mm
BB width: 73mm
Chain Guide: ISCG 05
Rear Dropout Spacing: 142mm X12mm
Weight: 3640g (with shock)
Color: Bright Black, White

Monday, September 2, 2013

EUROBIKE Show 2013**************DaBomb

As usual, DaBomb hit the EUROBIKE showe every year and this year there are so many things that added up to the product line. Let's find out what's cool here........................

     2013 DaBomb booth at EUROBIKE Show

    The New Downhill  Frame***Explosive***

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

King's Weapons

Mini Me 33 is a cool and small stem which gives you the super power to win the battles. The stem has shorter and smaller body which let the bike easier to steer. The 33mm is the shortest extension and it makes the bike easier to steer. The advantages of having 33mm extensions are good for more trial conditions, lighter weight, and better steering. With AL 6061-T6 full CNC machined, the strength of the stem is high but not heavy and it weights only 165g. For the colors, this time DaBomb adopts Anodized-double color tech which let the stem not easy to drop the color and also prove the function of wear proof. Due to the advantage of the shorter design, the Mini Me 33 is good for special trail condition. What the hell are you still waiting for? Let’s get one and hit on the trail today.

                                                              MINIME 33

Having the King on your bike is really cool and you will never want to replace the new one since this is the best stem DaBomb ever made. With Anodized colors, the stem looks brighter and not like old school stems on the market. When you hear about King, you must be thinking is it heavy like King? But the truth is it is strong like a King but not weight like a King. The new 2 in 1 design bar bore in 31.8mm or 35mm is compatible with more handle bars which got more options for the customer. Not just that, the shim that comes with the stem makes the King looks more colorful with dual colors plus the 35mm bar bore design is the biggest barbore and this is why we call it “KING”. Furthermore, with bar bore 35mm, it has better clipping surface, and more stable power. With bar bore 31.8mm, all you need is the shim that come with the stem and once you put on then you are ready to go. Made with AL 6061-T6 full CNC machined, the strength of the stem is high but the weight is still about the same with the traditional stem or even less. What a nice stem? Don’t miss it.

The Detonator 35 is DaBomb’s newest \ coolest handlebar for this year and it’s the handle bar for DH/FR. Comparing with the same range’s handle bar, the strength of the stem is better than the 31.8mm bar bore handlebar and it provides better road response. With the design 800mm width plus up sweep 5 degree/back sweep 9 degree, 18mm bar rise which means the Detonator 35 has lower riding posture and lighter steering feeling. The 35 mm bar bore is compatible with DaBomb’s exclusive stem King for Detonator and it looks sharp when you have this combo on your bike. Although we increased the bar bore to 35mm but the weight is still the same. The Detonator 35 will be your best companion on the road. 


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hot News                                                                        2013.04.23


         It's time for the New Bomb                                                                                     


Image SYURIKEN is the weapon for Ninja then you will find out how strong and how how thin SYURIKEN is. For 2013, Dabomb represents "SYURIKEN" the very thin pedal that has only 14mm thickness with laser-logo.                                                                                                                                                                     

With our newest design, this pedal comes with internal three bearings plus one DU which increased the functions of dust-proof and waterproof. This is definitely the best pedal for downhill to cross country. Although we increased the surface of the pedal in order to have better steering, the weight of the pedal is only 367g which is still very light.

The pedal comes with four colors\anti-slip cover that gives you more colors and more safety. 

*    Anti-slip replaceable pin design pedals            
*    Alloy #6061-T6 CNC machined
*    Platform: 100mm*105mm, Thickness:14mm
*    3 Bearings plus 1 DU                                  

                                                                                     Weight: 367g                            

Super thin & wide pedal platform  


Friday, April 19, 2013

DaBomb Revolution DJ/SS Bike Build

A new frame from Da Bomb!  The short travel 100mm bike suits anything from big jumps drops and smooth trial riding!  This is going to be a fun bike! Ride On!!


Japanese riding event!

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Night before Dawn-- Team Da Bomb Sweden

Episode 1
Team W-Racing Winter Biking in Åre from Fotograf Simon Sjörén on Vimeo.

                                                                           Episode 2

More Mountain Biking Videos

To be continued...

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Help!!! Pls

Dear all,

We got news from our sponsored rider, Robin, that his Da Bomb TSAR race bike was stolen in Barcelona, Spain yesterday. He’s planning to join a contest in Barcelona this weekend so this incident may force him to quit the game.

Below is the photo of his TSAR in blue. Pls kindly help him over this matter to find his bike back ASAP.

If anyone of you found this bike, pls feel free to send us an email at or  Or pls contact Robin directly on

By the way, There was also two dirtjump bikes stolen from the van, one Specialized P3 and one Heraldica Descarriado bike wIth for 831 forks & elgallo components. We appreciate for your help.