Friday, December 4, 2009

It's the era of Pivotal system

Ever since Dirt Jump/Street MTB appeared in the market
the merge had started
MTB started to have BMX stuffs and BMX started
TBH some BMX stuff cannot be used on MTBs
due to the difference of sizing
but what we can't deny is BMX do have some brilliant designs
the one we like most is the Pivotal Seat& Post system
they are light as feather
but at the same time they're tough as hell
they have only goods for Jump/Street MTBs
so why don't we just have one?

here comes our Pivotal Seat and Post: Mag and PSG-1
tough and grippy artificial leather cover
all Pivotal system seatposts competable
27.2 post Diameter
yeah bye bye shims

he's Da Prime and he loves them

Bombtimus Prime: Autobombs, roll out!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A pile of skulls

looks kinda weird
lots of skulls staring
but yes lots of Skull Drives had arrived!!
reach for your local distributors and get some on your ride!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

2011 new street bike PROTOTYPE!!

note: this bike is just a prototype
the Gunpowder will still be our current Dirt Jump/Street Cr-Mo frame
it's time to announce our top secret DJ/street bike
maybe some of you had seen it at our booth in Interbike
the name of it remains unknown
and so does other spec
but what i can tell you is
this babe runs a 83mm bottom bracket and 150mm rear hub
which is a standard for DH bike
yeah we know you're curious about this
why we do this?
the reasons are below

1: running a wider BB and hub can offer more strength
2:DH cranks and hubs had been very well developed, that makes them so light and strong
3:the most important, we can make the chainstay super short without any compromise

so here's what we've got

Hydro form chainstay,370mm(14.5") chainstay
with 26X2.6 tire clearance and 36T sprocket clearance
fit's almost any tire even a worm hooker( you know what i mean)
of course you can run smaller tire and smaller sprocket with this kind of clearance
but you can't go big with small clearance
the only way can make it shorter is to cut the BB in half or run a 24"
and the 24" version we're working on could reach 345mm(13.5")

front bent seat tube allows the seat goes superlow
using a pivotal seat could reach to the bottom

Hydro-form down tube
saves some serious weight

tiny little dropout but still with integrated chain tensioner
just like Gunpowder but much lighter

and definitly it runs Skull Drives



build spec**:

fork: X Fusion Velvet
Handlebar: Da Bomb Apache 750
Brakes: Shimano Deore 2010
Stem: Da Bomb prototype
Headset: Da Bomb Depth Charge Integrated
Cranksets: Shimano Saint M815
Pedals: Da Bomb Bullethole
Saddle: Pivotal
Seat Post: Pivotal
Wheelsets: Da Bomb Da Rim wheelset, QR front, 150 rear
Tires: Da Bomb Skull Drive
Chain: PYC BMX

**build spec is for our test bike, all the parts including frame would sell seperately

Boss's new rig

it's been a long while without update
we've been working hard quite a bit
but after all...working is just working
never forget what makes us alive


so here comes our boss's new All Mountain bike
the Castle Bravo

with our Hellfire seatpost
27- speed build up for climbing,
but with stronger components for decending
A little slack back build up


Castle Bravo's geometry:

Head tube angle: 69 degree
Seat tube angle: 72.5 degree
Top tube length: 571mm @ 0 degree
Chainstay: 440mm
Rear wheel travel:5.4 inches
Rear shock e-e: 190mm
BB shell lenght: 68mm
recommanded fork travel: 100mm to 150mm

Monday, August 31, 2009

Da Bomb new tyre--SKULL DRIVE unleashed!!

Ages had past, knobby tyres always play some of the most important roles in Mountain Bike Industry, almost every MTB had to use knobby tyres front back, they can decide either you’re going down or not. Everyone knows that knobs on tyre look like chocolates or something that is square and black, but here’s a chance that may change your thoughts just a little bit.

So here comes Da Bomb Skull Drive, every tyre has it’s own knob design, it’s like a fingerprint, always gonna leave some marks on where you’d ridden, so we just make it Da Bomb way, I’m sure that not so many companies would like to make a tyre on this way, so for us, it’s a gamble, but we believe artwork can also be functional, so we add several designs on our typical logos

Center Ditch

As you can see on the tyre, we cut our cross logo into two pieces, sure it does have it’s reason, this will make the tyre more stable on high speed strait lines and more stable when doing manual, also improve water swapping capability without rising rolling resistance.
Skulls: the most important part of this tyre, the Skulls can fill up empty spaces between cross marks, reduce rolling resistance and provide extra grips on pavement, since these skull marks are smaller and with eyes and teeth on it, this can add more grips on offroad situation.

Slope Cross& Side Ridges: while on dirt jump trails, there’re always gonna have some tight turns to make the course more technical, while our previous model can only provide low rolling resistance but no more cornering grip. These side ridges can provide side grip when turning is hot and you’re full on.

Extra Sidewalls: most of the street riders are not human, they are spidermen, they ride on walls 24/7, and they climb stairs day in and day out, pinchflat is a major issue, so the Skull Drive presents super stiff sidewalls, probably one of the thickest on the market, this could prevent snakebites better than almost any other things; for wallriders, with diamond shape knobs on sidewalls, this tire got grip between both sides of edges, also if you want to do some skids, Extra Sidewalls are the only cure from snapping your tire into pieces.

It’s a knobby tyre for sure, but since we had already category it as a Street/Dirt Jump tire, rolling resistance is a issue too, so we also make it as smooth as possible to minimize all the negative force.


Size: 26*2.35(ETRTO 60-559)
Fiber Structure: 30TPI
Durometer: 65A
Intended use: Street/ Dirt Jump/ 4X racing/ Slope Style
Weight: 2.1 pounds(950 grams)
Maximum inflate pressure: 65psi

Yeah we do know it’s not a lightweight tyre, and we also know that it’s not impossible to build a 2.3 tire under 1.3 pounds (600 grams), even one pound (450 grams) could be possible, thanks for today’s technology; but what’s the point? Light tyres do make bikes lighter and accelerate faster, but what you’ll got will be paper sidewalls and thread that last about like 5 miles, maybe you’ll even get 10 pinch flats in your 5 mile trip unless you pump it to 100psi then there’s no more cushion, the point is this is a Street/Dirt Jump tyre, it still has to be strong enough to take the impact cuz we’re riding MTBs not Roadies.

If you have any question about this tire or about Da Bomb, please feel free to send an email to

we will be happy to answer any question