Friday, October 14, 2011

Bare Bones pedal& Tactic handlebar

Annual Prodcut launch Final BOMBSHELL! We have launched latest technology and new look during Eurobike. Now the new stuff officially are available to release! 

The Bare Bones New member joins Da Bomb's pedal team, which features lightweight and thin. The thickness is just 11mm. The 1-piece-body is CNC machined aluminum. The axle is designed to work it lighter. An external nut at the end of the axle lighten the weight.The pins themselves are of a standard size, meaning that you can easily find replacements. These pins strengthen the riding circumstance that isn't slippery anymore. The platform is 105mmX100mm. The Bare Bones weighs a competitive 343 grams for the set.
The actual measuring is even lighterwight..341.5grams! Incrediable...

When it comes to the comparison with Bullethole pedal, as you see, it looks thiner than it, the weight is much more friendly.

Look at surface is processed by anodizing. Color available are Black, Red and Latte Brown! Here has a suggestion you must try Latte Brown which is close to copper/ brass color. It's shiny but much smooth expression. The red is RED with passion that type of red never be wrong, yes CLASSIC!
Tactic handlebar
 Made from AI-6061 aluminum double butted
    • 3" high rise shown
• 730 mm/28.5" width
• 9° up sweep
• 5° back sweep
• 31.8 mm clamp diameter
• Color options include shiny gold, matt black
A lot of riders will remember the Tactic handlebar and for good reasons. It's born to be your tactical weapon! To company you riding faster, last longer. and it's easier to perform your skill! Totally designed tubing and butting for weigh lighter but tough enough. The shiny gold is beyond your imagination, the performance is surprisingly outstanding, you can't take your eye away from the shiny gold. In the meantime, if you are low-key, you may choose another option-matt black.
More info please get on our official site which has complete product line Wanna purchase your own Bare Bones or Tactic handlebar? Please contact: thank you and wish you a nice weekend!