Friday, December 31, 2010


I came across this photo via FB today and it really touched me. Why? I thought it embodied everything that represents this time of the year. In the photo the rider is using an older Da Bomb model at least 3-5 years old. Yet there is the sunrise juxtaposed as the backdrop. The rider in the photograph is caught in a frozen moment where everything around him just stops. There are so many layers and depth in this image that it gives new meaning to farewell of the old and welcoming of the new.

Today is the 31st of December which is a junction between 2010-2011. For some it will be a time of reflection while for others it will be the closing of a chapter in their lives and welcoming the new year with arms wide open. Either way it's a transitional period for all of us which is why I chose to upload this picture on our Blog representing the junction between the things of the past with things that will be coming in the future.

I can tell everyone that Da Bomb Bikes had a very exciting year with the launch of the Tsar Bomba DH frame and some other new components. This coming year there will be other revisions, some will be small and others will be big. Let's not forget we're also sponsoring a UCI proteam too for the first time in Da Bomb's history. Either way we are committed to designing, developing and getting our products out there so all of you out there can have a more engaging experience on your ride.

Wishing everyone a Happy 2011 New Year, much love and don't forget to tell your mother "I love you".

~ Da Bomb Bikes

Monday, December 20, 2010


Newly formed UCI Professional team Team Are Bike park will be riding and rolling on Da Bomb's products for the upcoming season. Being led by 2010 UCI DH Champion Robin Wallner, Da Bomb Bikes was able to catch up with Man behind the action and what are the plans for the future.

Team Captain of Team Are Bike Park: Robin Wallner

Da Bomb: Hi Robin! How are you today?

Robin Wallner: Im fine apart from the fact that it is unbelievably cold in Sweden at the moment and I cant ride my bike.

DB: Tell me about your racing experiences in the last year?

RW: Well I had a lot of different ones. Season started out steady and I was confident that I was going to do well. Then things went wrong. I had several small injuries, crashes, punctures and a lot of hard times.
Also I think it effected me a lot with Niklas getting injured at the world cup in Leogang. It messed with my head for sure. But then I also had the most epic win ever at the European champs. It was special since it was like racing back home, some friends were there and also my parents so it was definitely special to me.

DB: Were you expecting to win the UCI European DH Championships?

RW: No definitely not. I had so many bad races leading up to that race I simply wanted to give it my all and stay on my bike.  My goal was to get on the podium but even that would have been sick at the time.

DB: Why did you decide to start your own UCI team?

RW: It just felt weird last two years with me and my brother both racing and wanting to do the same thing but heading off with different teams & sponsors so that is one reason for it. But also I have been able to pick my own sponsors and in the long term I hope that I can help some young-guns and give them the chance to race internationally. I think it is something a lot of riders want to do but I simply had the opportunity to do so and I wanted to do the best I can with this opportunity.

DB: How has it been starting everything between yourself and your small crew of riders? Going well? Busy?

RW: Well I think we have created a great structure of people for the team. Erik Källström will be myself & Niklas mechanic, great guy who used to ride the world cup just 2 years ago so he knows what he needs to do and I dont need to worry about that side. Then Carina (my mum) is doing all the papers, logistics, accommodations & registration and finally we hired a up & comer photographer Mattias Lindqvist to come with us and shoot photo and film during the season. But yeah it has been and will be a busy time but it is definitely worth it to be happy and well prepared.

DB: Why did you choose Da Bomb out of all the other bikes on the market? What stands out about their bikes and what is your opinion on their products?

RW: Well first of all we go way back in time. I started off on the brand back in the days and have kept good relations & contacts with you guys through our distribution so it felt like a natural move. I also really like the new bikes coming out for 2011 and I think everyone at the company is real dedicated to step it up and do whatever needs to be done to improve.

DB: What do you wish to accomplish in your first season running and racing Team Are Bike Park?

RW: I want to do what I thought I could last year. Get in that top 10 at the World Cups. Of course I want to try to defend my title as Euro Champ as well but that is a different story, I also want to enjoy the races and being in this group of people feels real good and relaxing so I think it should be a fun year.

DB: Last question, tell me something outrageously hilarious about yourself. Could be anything, anyone any situation? So we can know more about the "other" side of Mr. Robin Wallner.

RW: Well there are so many stories from the road that I really cant tell you here but last year we had quite a bit of trouble with our van. To make a long story short we had to break in to a rental-car station to find a phone number to the owner and make them come there. Found the phone number and called her up but made the mistake to call from their office-phone.
She saw that we called from her office and got crazy promising us to call the police.

Naturally we ended up without a rental car and had to walk the 12 km back home. We even called on an advert for a PW50 motorbike to not have to walk back.

Dont know if its hilarious but it is a pretty good story and someday I can tell you the full-length version=)

DB: Thanks Robin for your time and I wish you the best of luck in the upcoming racing season!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Da Bomb proudly announces the sponsorship of its first UCI Elite mens MTB Team: Team Åre Bike Park for the 2011 racing season! With some notable riders such as the renowned Wallner Brothers (Robin and Niklas Wallner) of Sweden, Da Bomb has high hopes for its first UCI team to compete against some of the best riders within the best races on the World Cup Circuit.

Robin Wallner 2010 UCI EURO DH CHAMPION

UCI 2010 European DH Champion Robin Wallner will be at the helm of this Team Åre Bike Park and will be one of the few selected riders using Da Bomb’s flagship 2011 DH bike the Tsar Bomba.

The Tsar Bomba will be Team Åre Bike Park's weapon of choice for gravity events.

With Da Bomb supporting the upcoming team, we are confident that Team Åre Bike Park will surprise everyone with its upcoming status in the elite ranks. 

Check out official team website

Straight Outta Sweden 4 featuring DA BOMB BIKES!


In the mean time a little intro to the video...enjoy.

Team Årebikepark brings you Straight Outta Sweden 4

After a bit of editing we can finally bring you Straight Outta Sweden 4.
This filmproject is something that started out as a just for fun film to sum up the season already back in 2007.
Each year we feel that it has been improved a lot but we want to keep it as a “just for fun-film” just to show the world whats going on with the Swedish scene and also to get recognition for some of the young and promising talent coming out of Sweden.

We would like to thank all sponsors friends and family that makes this possible.

The film is feauturing:
Martin Söderström
Robin Wallner
Niklas Wallner
Max Fredriksson
John Alm Högman
Linus Sjöholm
Tim Hammar
Kim Petersson
Alexander Kangas
Oliwer Kangas
Dennis Dertell
Herman Ölund

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


New ads online ads for Da Bomb!!! The Cobalt Tsar Bomba. The Medley MK19s and DA SKULL!!!!

Who said bikes can't fly?

Ladies don't care about the length as much they do about girth.

Classy and Badass combined: DA SKULL

Stay tuned.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Have you ever had that time where you were flying down a mountain balls inward down the mountain shifting and hitting almost every single shit on the road and shifting back fourth. You hit something big going 60 km/hour and then KA CHING! You hear your chain drops because of the massively big hole you underestimated going at speed.

To ensure that kind of stuff doesn't happen anymore, Da Bomb made the RECOIL CGS chain guide to make sure those shitty times don't ever happen or at least the chance of it happening is almost impossible. Nothing is ever 100% guaranteed but at Da Bomb we try our best to make that our goal. 

Top Secret Stuff:  For eyes only

Compatible with ICGS 05 TABS! or direct mounts!

Ease of installation without having to worry about your chain slipping off...

Comes  with matching display packaging box designed by Da Bomb.

We've just started the early production of our latest model chain guide system 
Recoil CGS

Offering in our hot black and white color, we made this with our own proprietary alloy to make it as ight and durable possible.

With some machining we were able to shave even more weight at places that wouldn't compromise the strength of our produce.

SEE N SEEING at all the right places :D

Upper chain guide detail

Without ISGS 05 tab adapter

With ICGS 05 tab adapter

Strength, lightweight, security and adjustability. All keys of the Recoil CGS system

Thursday, September 30, 2010


new website layout


We have just launched the new Da Bomb Bikes website for this year! It has been redesigned and revitalized with all the newest technologies we have thought about. This year we developed a stronger formula to make you guys drop DA BOMB faster, harder and more destructive!

We do our best to accurately provide all of the pics, specs and geometry reports of our products but at the same time we are human too. So if we don't have everything, RELAX and send us an email about it. We have many sultry telephone operators standing by to take your one-on-ones and any suggestions or feedbacks are welcomed just by reaching us by email or by phone.

Meanwhile, if you have any Da Bomb related news and would like us to have it post on the “What’s Up” section, please feel free to contact us. We would love to help you get the word out on anything DA BOMB related whether it's through, our main page, Facebook, Twitter and Blogger.

You've helped us grow, learn and continue to make and ride our beloved off-road bikes. Without your continual support none of this would've been possible so we just wanted to say thanks!

Introducing the new Da Bomb 2010 Website.

Thursday, September 23, 2010



Next week, we'll be launching our new website. It will be ultra hot, piquante and spicy.
Stay Tuned to your TV sets, as this marks a change in the direction of where we're going to progressively improve our website along with our new product line.

It will change your life since you discovered processed cheese!

Da Blogger

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Da Bomb at @ Eurobike 2010 (Friedrichshafen, Germany)

Eurobike was a huge success for Da Bomb. In the past week, many people came to see our booth. From distributors to visitors to general enthusiasts. Everyone was amazed and appreciated our new product line of both frames and components for the coming year of 2011.

Below are some photos of the show. None of this would've been possible without the hard work put in by our two Da Bomb Staff members of Jason and Emily!

Castle Bravo looking hot!

Hot Product Line for 2011.
Angle 2

Dirt Bomb X and Arrow Bomb in White!

Jason with some visitors.

Emily with Racing Cycle guys

It's getting busy...

Emily with Bikeseven Crew (UK Relic distributors)

Jason with Da Pinkbike Crew!

Checking out the Tsar Bomba in Metallic Red..

Emily in front of booth.

Looking fly!

Team Scout is DA house! (Da Bomb's sponsored team and Italian DH Champions)

Team Scout again!

The Blue Collection in every component you can think of.

Angle 1 of our Booth

Photo Credit Francesco Maggiorelli

Friday, August 27, 2010

Herman Olund: Da Bomba Extradordinaire

Extreme Downhill Racing / Four Cross / Dual Slalom

Having been a professional rider for over 10 years, Herman continues to astound and set new records in Sweden within the MTB scene. Just because he has been around a long time does not not mean he still can’t roll with the younger pups. He often takes them to school and teaches them a lesson or two or three....
Herman has shown he is not only a great rider but also a great mentor having nurtured both upcoming downhill stars Niklas and Robin Wallner of W-Racing. He has won almost every downhill competition in Sweden and his current goal is to make the podium at the Veteran World Championships.

13th European championships 2009 
2nd Overall Swedish cup 2009
1th Swedish cup Åre 2009
2nd Swedish championships 2007
Swedish champion 2005, 2006
Nordic champion 2005. 2006