Thursday, July 8, 2010


The 20-year old Swedish sensation is one of Da Bomb's most spectacular and intense riders. He has competed professionally all over Europe and is considered one of Sweden's top off-road prospects. 
Da Bomb supports him fully for the upcoming competitions and wishes him the best of luck.
Here are a few photos of him on and off his bike.


3rd Swedish Cup Sundsvall 2010
4th Maxxis Cup International Portugal, Gouveia 2010
3rd  Saab-Salomon Åre Avalache Trophy Europe Cup 2009
5th  overall Swedish cup 2009 (elite)
2nd overall Swedish junior cup 2008
2nd Nordic Junior Championships 2008
2nd Swedish Junior Championships 2008
3rd Nordic Junior Championships 2007
7th Maxxis Cup Portugal junior 2007
3rd Spanish cup junior 2007
Swedish Junior National Champion 2006

For more information please visit his blogsite :