Friday, December 31, 2010


I came across this photo via FB today and it really touched me. Why? I thought it embodied everything that represents this time of the year. In the photo the rider is using an older Da Bomb model at least 3-5 years old. Yet there is the sunrise juxtaposed as the backdrop. The rider in the photograph is caught in a frozen moment where everything around him just stops. There are so many layers and depth in this image that it gives new meaning to farewell of the old and welcoming of the new.

Today is the 31st of December which is a junction between 2010-2011. For some it will be a time of reflection while for others it will be the closing of a chapter in their lives and welcoming the new year with arms wide open. Either way it's a transitional period for all of us which is why I chose to upload this picture on our Blog representing the junction between the things of the past with things that will be coming in the future.

I can tell everyone that Da Bomb Bikes had a very exciting year with the launch of the Tsar Bomba DH frame and some other new components. This coming year there will be other revisions, some will be small and others will be big. Let's not forget we're also sponsoring a UCI proteam too for the first time in Da Bomb's history. Either way we are committed to designing, developing and getting our products out there so all of you out there can have a more engaging experience on your ride.

Wishing everyone a Happy 2011 New Year, much love and don't forget to tell your mother "I love you".

~ Da Bomb Bikes