Thursday, December 22, 2011

COBRA XC handlebar

New gimmick for your New Year wish

By Bomb Boy

I believe somewhere in your territory is in a snow, then we realize that how the time flies… the new year 2012 is really approaching! Team Da Bomb represents a seasonal update for our dearly cooperative and honored partners. Let us know if you are interested in pre-ordering. The Cobra is ready for manufacturing. Looking forward to your any kind of feedback from all of you.

Newly heavyweight handlebar is officially debuted on the stage. Team Da Bomb proudly introduces the rockstar- COBRA XC handlebar. The cobra weights 267 grams. Designed for XC riding yet strong enough for AM adventures as well. It’s consistent with the royal blood which is made of alloy 6061 and is applied with double butting. The width of COBRA lengths 710mm. Moreover, it comes up with selected color those are Classic black, Wasabi green and Barrel brown for your option. To accommodate the trend with most riders, the bar center for the Cobra is 31.8mm.

You could find some interesting designs on the cobra that reflects design is hard-core towards Da Bomb. We have been pushing the limits and see what’s more we can do. The Low Riser is made of butted aluminum alloy and has a sandblasting finish that actually hardens the bar surface. This reduces the chance of a scratch. A tough, smooth shaped and fine priced XC bar from Da Bomb.
COBRA XC Bar Features:
  • Material: AI-6061 double butted bar
  • Width: 710mm
  • Bar rise:20mm
  • Bar center:31.8mm
  • Backsweep:4° Upsweep: 5°
  • Color option: Black, Wasabi green, Barrel brown

Friday, November 18, 2011

Napalm comes up with the new RAW color

You would be familar with this model if you are a big fan in Da Bomb... NAPALM pedal now has NEW option- RAW color. The napalm has been on the market for a while which features stiff, destructive and inexpensive. If you look for stability, the napalm bomb no doubt be your best choice!

Let's review the background of the napalm bomb! As you see, the tough look brings you on to the unpredictable journey. The one- piece alloy 6061 body is designed to be solid. With replaceable pins and the cro-moly axle. Keep in mind, once you rest your feet on them you might not want to land at all. It does the best to last long enough!


• Material: One-piece Alloy

• Spindle: 9/16" Cromoly

• Bearings: Ball Bearings

• Thickness: 24 mm

• Weight: 568 g per pair

Get a pair of Napalm pedal for an unexpected ride! Welcome to share your experience with Da Bomb pedal...Wonder the price tag? Please contact your dealer in your territory and i guarantee you'd love it!

Friday, October 28, 2011

MK20 epic stem RELEASED

Heavyweight bombshell WAVES again! The MK20 stem on the market from now...Da Bomb officically announces MK20 features CNC- machined body. What's more? Take a quite look of it first... Color options are gold, black and silver. 

Shiny Gold is shown as pictures

The glitz of MK20 applies the 5'oclock in the afternoon.

The black still keeps low-key style by matted surface process.  
   It is designated to Rock Roxxer forks that is four-bolt-direct mount system. New 45mm and 50mm length. The clamp size is 31.8mm.

The pure silver andoizes its body and how amazing it is...The look of MK20 is firmly simple and you even could feel the stiffness.

The special 3-piece-design reduces the weight... pretty lightweight as the photoshoot shows the weight is at 158 grams.

The extra spacer will help you adjust the height of the fork if you need it. In case the height is way too short, when you ride it on and it will have chance to lean forward which probably cause you fall down...So the spacer could solve this problem! You may add it to adjust your riding condition...

New annual stem series Now is available worldwide. Get more info please click on See ya guys!

Have a sick ride on weekend Guys!


Friday, October 14, 2011

Bare Bones pedal& Tactic handlebar

Annual Prodcut launch Final BOMBSHELL! We have launched latest technology and new look during Eurobike. Now the new stuff officially are available to release! 

The Bare Bones New member joins Da Bomb's pedal team, which features lightweight and thin. The thickness is just 11mm. The 1-piece-body is CNC machined aluminum. The axle is designed to work it lighter. An external nut at the end of the axle lighten the weight.The pins themselves are of a standard size, meaning that you can easily find replacements. These pins strengthen the riding circumstance that isn't slippery anymore. The platform is 105mmX100mm. The Bare Bones weighs a competitive 343 grams for the set.
The actual measuring is even lighterwight..341.5grams! Incrediable...

When it comes to the comparison with Bullethole pedal, as you see, it looks thiner than it, the weight is much more friendly.

Look at surface is processed by anodizing. Color available are Black, Red and Latte Brown! Here has a suggestion you must try Latte Brown which is close to copper/ brass color. It's shiny but much smooth expression. The red is RED with passion that type of red never be wrong, yes CLASSIC!
Tactic handlebar
 Made from AI-6061 aluminum double butted
    • 3" high rise shown
• 730 mm/28.5" width
• 9° up sweep
• 5° back sweep
• 31.8 mm clamp diameter
• Color options include shiny gold, matt black
A lot of riders will remember the Tactic handlebar and for good reasons. It's born to be your tactical weapon! To company you riding faster, last longer. and it's easier to perform your skill! Totally designed tubing and butting for weigh lighter but tough enough. The shiny gold is beyond your imagination, the performance is surprisingly outstanding, you can't take your eye away from the shiny gold. In the meantime, if you are low-key, you may choose another option-matt black.
More info please get on our official site which has complete product line Wanna purchase your own Bare Bones or Tactic handlebar? Please contact: thank you and wish you a nice weekend!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Da Bomb on Pinkbike

Want to get to know more, please check on Pinkbike. get closer to Da Bomb @Eurobike! check us out to see the comment from Pinkbike crew.
The picture courtesy of Pinkbike.

Monday, September 19, 2011

see what we have gotten from Eurobike

Aug 31 to Sept 3 Eurobike show is a big event in bike industry. Hibike of course sent our staff to far far Germany to attend it. We are honored that we could have chance to work with our german dealer during the show. Thanks to them, everything got easier and smooth.
The booth location is as same as last year: B4- 510. Have you guys visited us yet? We utlizied the space and everything to meet the maxium benefit. It looks quite an outdoor style because of the tent and wood deplay. Those complete bikes exhibited the riding spirit of Da Bomb!
Ahhh, our dear regional German partners- Patric and Marcus Szabo, what a brotherhood! Left side one is Patric and another is Marcus. They did a great help!
Well, don't forget to check our componets as well ;) just lanched couple latest inventions, such as handlebars, stems and pedals..etc. You may go on our official site to get further information!

Gold handlebar-Tactic is the latest high-rise handlebar, fully designed tubing and butting makes them strong & light. At the first glance, itself shape definitely will surprise you! It's macho and perfect for dirt jumpers!
Cora, our international representative with professional skills, bike background to show you the latest information about Da Bomb bikes. oh ya! with smile :) she was talking to our one of dealers- Ed from Hotlines, England.
Some people have intersts in Da Bomb... Big boys from Romania. Thanks for your passion for Da Bomb. Well, it's a wise choice to choose Da Bomb, we have a good quality design. It's about esthetics and ergonomics.

Danny, the owner of Da Bomb with our Italian partner- Sergiy. What inspiration they have got? I can tell by their confident look, a great deal just done?! I bet
"Lake Jump" an outdoor activity which attracted thousand audience be there watching a great show! I'd like to be there, too... what a sunshine afternoon, what a cozy atmosphere...
After the show, Danny went to Switzerland to see our sponsored racer- Robin Wallner attending UCI MTB World Cup. Robin now is ranked in the top 20 in the UCI-rankings. "Dabomb have been a key player and it's a long-term relationship" The partnership has been so long which made it a very natural move to ride Dabomb frames & components in the team. This time Robin chose Tsar Bomba blue to ride. Tsar Bomba has been becoming a rockstar, the breakthrough frame design- hydroformed tubing CNC Machined creates a whole new world riding style! More than its function, the look of Tsar Bomba also is fascinating...
It's amazing that how he performed Da Bomb with Tsar Bomba. Totally is like a bombshell!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

August News from Hibike

Cherry Bomb 6, Castle Bravo in 18” and MORE…unveils Castle Bravo 29er

The trend, 29er, is with big wheel, bigger and high rotational inertia to make your bike cooler than normal. Well, our 29er model is based on the castle bravo, it’s not just a big- wheeled All- mountain bike. This version is the full suspension 29er. To Bank on the strength of Castle, 29er version will take the advantages for granted. Well, they are brothers, but 29er is going to perform its own style.

Prototype of Castle bravo 29er as a red bombshell

29er features easy to conquer the rough terrains, the riding performance will be more stable. We also adjust the geometry to fix the problem that most 29ers might face. B.B height is lower, maintain the same figures of head tube and seat tube length as Castle bravo 26er. So, it will have less height restrictions. You may like to try the feeling riding it on!

Da Bomb’s Cherry Bomb 6 was already established as the freeride bike to beat, but the frame updates for this year keep it trendily ahead of the competition. Now this model is opened to have size 18, we have taken many requests to manufacture 18” frames. 

Purple Cherry looks so tasty with curving body type. Big size 18”!

In Da Bomb’s alliance, I bet you are familiar w/ our hot baby, if not, you gotta try this one this time!

Being a hot model of Da Bomb product range is Cherry Bomb 6. The Cherry Bomb 6’s double- butted 7005 trumpet tubing are gusset- reinforced where it matters, or it’s formed to be a mix of suitable strength and comfortable on the trails. Its chassis is proudly designed with a streamline shape. Details abound on Da Bomb's Cherry Bomb 6, like a laid-back seat angle to alter the effective top tube length for taller riders, or in case you want to raise the saddle to access some back-country trails. With its 69-degree head angle to keep the chassis stable at speed and the suspension X-fusion 02-RL for park riding which works very well like a team player.

Neon Green colors Castle bravo

With 5.3 inches of travel, the Castle Bravo is a pure all mountain race machine. It has a remarkable performance of full- suspension mountain bikes catering to all kinds of riders. The castle bravo utilizes X- fusion 02-RL shock and it’s an alloy 7005 hydro- forming tubing frame which it’s lightweight. If you are looking a company to get a trail riding, Castle Bravo will be your best choice.

I believe in the market many users have tested Castle Bravo already. We have been earning positive comments, at the same time; we have gathered voices which reflect Castle Bravo 18” is needed. So, diversity is our goal! Color option is Neon green and White. If you would like to pick up a brand new color, customize your own color is welcomed.

From now, Cherry Bomb 6 and Castle Bravo are available in 16” and 18”. Official announcement! Now it’s a good time to place your orders, try it out in your market!

Hibike Ltd with LOVE