Friday, November 18, 2011

Napalm comes up with the new RAW color

You would be familar with this model if you are a big fan in Da Bomb... NAPALM pedal now has NEW option- RAW color. The napalm has been on the market for a while which features stiff, destructive and inexpensive. If you look for stability, the napalm bomb no doubt be your best choice!

Let's review the background of the napalm bomb! As you see, the tough look brings you on to the unpredictable journey. The one- piece alloy 6061 body is designed to be solid. With replaceable pins and the cro-moly axle. Keep in mind, once you rest your feet on them you might not want to land at all. It does the best to last long enough!


• Material: One-piece Alloy

• Spindle: 9/16" Cromoly

• Bearings: Ball Bearings

• Thickness: 24 mm

• Weight: 568 g per pair

Get a pair of Napalm pedal for an unexpected ride! Welcome to share your experience with Da Bomb pedal...Wonder the price tag? Please contact your dealer in your territory and i guarantee you'd love it!

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