Monday, September 19, 2011

see what we have gotten from Eurobike

Aug 31 to Sept 3 Eurobike show is a big event in bike industry. Hibike of course sent our staff to far far Germany to attend it. We are honored that we could have chance to work with our german dealer during the show. Thanks to them, everything got easier and smooth.
The booth location is as same as last year: B4- 510. Have you guys visited us yet? We utlizied the space and everything to meet the maxium benefit. It looks quite an outdoor style because of the tent and wood deplay. Those complete bikes exhibited the riding spirit of Da Bomb!
Ahhh, our dear regional German partners- Patric and Marcus Szabo, what a brotherhood! Left side one is Patric and another is Marcus. They did a great help!
Well, don't forget to check our componets as well ;) just lanched couple latest inventions, such as handlebars, stems and pedals..etc. You may go on our official site to get further information!

Gold handlebar-Tactic is the latest high-rise handlebar, fully designed tubing and butting makes them strong & light. At the first glance, itself shape definitely will surprise you! It's macho and perfect for dirt jumpers!
Cora, our international representative with professional skills, bike background to show you the latest information about Da Bomb bikes. oh ya! with smile :) she was talking to our one of dealers- Ed from Hotlines, England.
Some people have intersts in Da Bomb... Big boys from Romania. Thanks for your passion for Da Bomb. Well, it's a wise choice to choose Da Bomb, we have a good quality design. It's about esthetics and ergonomics.

Danny, the owner of Da Bomb with our Italian partner- Sergiy. What inspiration they have got? I can tell by their confident look, a great deal just done?! I bet
"Lake Jump" an outdoor activity which attracted thousand audience be there watching a great show! I'd like to be there, too... what a sunshine afternoon, what a cozy atmosphere...
After the show, Danny went to Switzerland to see our sponsored racer- Robin Wallner attending UCI MTB World Cup. Robin now is ranked in the top 20 in the UCI-rankings. "Dabomb have been a key player and it's a long-term relationship" The partnership has been so long which made it a very natural move to ride Dabomb frames & components in the team. This time Robin chose Tsar Bomba blue to ride. Tsar Bomba has been becoming a rockstar, the breakthrough frame design- hydroformed tubing CNC Machined creates a whole new world riding style! More than its function, the look of Tsar Bomba also is fascinating...
It's amazing that how he performed Da Bomb with Tsar Bomba. Totally is like a bombshell!