Friday, December 4, 2009

It's the era of Pivotal system

Ever since Dirt Jump/Street MTB appeared in the market
the merge had started
MTB started to have BMX stuffs and BMX started
TBH some BMX stuff cannot be used on MTBs
due to the difference of sizing
but what we can't deny is BMX do have some brilliant designs
the one we like most is the Pivotal Seat& Post system
they are light as feather
but at the same time they're tough as hell
they have only goods for Jump/Street MTBs
so why don't we just have one?

here comes our Pivotal Seat and Post: Mag and PSG-1
tough and grippy artificial leather cover
all Pivotal system seatposts competable
27.2 post Diameter
yeah bye bye shims

he's Da Prime and he loves them

Bombtimus Prime: Autobombs, roll out!