Thursday, December 20, 2012

Popsicle (plastic pedals)


 suitable from XC to FR use

 15mm thickness for entire pedal

 Nylon Fiber body, Cr-Mo axle

 Smooth rolling ball bearings

 Eleven pins on outer edge per side

 Weight: 350 gram/ PR

 Color: Black, Orange, Green, White

Our brand-new bright collection POPSICLE pedals feature the great advantages of ultra lightweight as well as the low price and the pedaling reaction won’t be sacrificed in the meanwhile.

It is made of Nylon Fiber with Cr-Mo axle representing in platform 100mm*100mm* 15mm thick which thin body to offer unheard of ground clearance. Furthermore, it’s available in 4 colors for your choice: Black, Orange, Green and White. Not only the attractive colored appearances have but also are suitable for every generation/ level— either for the youth or the old, from city bike to extreme bikes (XC-FR).

What are you still waiting for then?!