Thursday, August 11, 2011

August News from Hibike

Cherry Bomb 6, Castle Bravo in 18” and MORE…unveils Castle Bravo 29er

The trend, 29er, is with big wheel, bigger and high rotational inertia to make your bike cooler than normal. Well, our 29er model is based on the castle bravo, it’s not just a big- wheeled All- mountain bike. This version is the full suspension 29er. To Bank on the strength of Castle, 29er version will take the advantages for granted. Well, they are brothers, but 29er is going to perform its own style.

Prototype of Castle bravo 29er as a red bombshell

29er features easy to conquer the rough terrains, the riding performance will be more stable. We also adjust the geometry to fix the problem that most 29ers might face. B.B height is lower, maintain the same figures of head tube and seat tube length as Castle bravo 26er. So, it will have less height restrictions. You may like to try the feeling riding it on!

Da Bomb’s Cherry Bomb 6 was already established as the freeride bike to beat, but the frame updates for this year keep it trendily ahead of the competition. Now this model is opened to have size 18, we have taken many requests to manufacture 18” frames. 

Purple Cherry looks so tasty with curving body type. Big size 18”!

In Da Bomb’s alliance, I bet you are familiar w/ our hot baby, if not, you gotta try this one this time!

Being a hot model of Da Bomb product range is Cherry Bomb 6. The Cherry Bomb 6’s double- butted 7005 trumpet tubing are gusset- reinforced where it matters, or it’s formed to be a mix of suitable strength and comfortable on the trails. Its chassis is proudly designed with a streamline shape. Details abound on Da Bomb's Cherry Bomb 6, like a laid-back seat angle to alter the effective top tube length for taller riders, or in case you want to raise the saddle to access some back-country trails. With its 69-degree head angle to keep the chassis stable at speed and the suspension X-fusion 02-RL for park riding which works very well like a team player.

Neon Green colors Castle bravo

With 5.3 inches of travel, the Castle Bravo is a pure all mountain race machine. It has a remarkable performance of full- suspension mountain bikes catering to all kinds of riders. The castle bravo utilizes X- fusion 02-RL shock and it’s an alloy 7005 hydro- forming tubing frame which it’s lightweight. If you are looking a company to get a trail riding, Castle Bravo will be your best choice.

I believe in the market many users have tested Castle Bravo already. We have been earning positive comments, at the same time; we have gathered voices which reflect Castle Bravo 18” is needed. So, diversity is our goal! Color option is Neon green and White. If you would like to pick up a brand new color, customize your own color is welcomed.

From now, Cherry Bomb 6 and Castle Bravo are available in 16” and 18”. Official announcement! Now it’s a good time to place your orders, try it out in your market!

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