Friday, October 15, 2010


Have you ever had that time where you were flying down a mountain balls inward down the mountain shifting and hitting almost every single shit on the road and shifting back fourth. You hit something big going 60 km/hour and then KA CHING! You hear your chain drops because of the massively big hole you underestimated going at speed.

To ensure that kind of stuff doesn't happen anymore, Da Bomb made the RECOIL CGS chain guide to make sure those shitty times don't ever happen or at least the chance of it happening is almost impossible. Nothing is ever 100% guaranteed but at Da Bomb we try our best to make that our goal. 

Top Secret Stuff:  For eyes only

Compatible with ICGS 05 TABS! or direct mounts!

Ease of installation without having to worry about your chain slipping off...

Comes  with matching display packaging box designed by Da Bomb.

We've just started the early production of our latest model chain guide system 
Recoil CGS

Offering in our hot black and white color, we made this with our own proprietary alloy to make it as ight and durable possible.

With some machining we were able to shave even more weight at places that wouldn't compromise the strength of our produce.

SEE N SEEING at all the right places :D

Upper chain guide detail

Without ISGS 05 tab adapter

With ICGS 05 tab adapter

Strength, lightweight, security and adjustability. All keys of the Recoil CGS system

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  1. hi can these be fitted with a non specific dh crank?like a saint or slx as wondered whether the inner chain ring mounts would foul against the guide?