Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Da Bomb-- 2nd Generation Bunker

Da Bomb Bunker: Fork Mudguard Pad

While seeing such tiny stuff at your first glance, you may be wondering how can it work as an unnecessary part on your bike?

Have you ever been splashed water/dirt on your face or outfit while riding? Certainly yes and we believe this 2nd generation Bunker, which serves as a shield, is the best solution on your ride.

To overcome the obstacles we encountered on 1st generation, this time we change the design for lower middle Velcro strap by adding the ring and the placement of Velcro hook and loop so it won’t slip easily as 1st generation.

Moreover, look at our delicate graphic design by heat transferring on the surface to show everyone your uniqueness.

Worrying about whether it fits your partner or not? No need to worry—this is also under our consideration when development. There are 2 sizes for your pick: one is for fork travel 90mm to 140mm, the other is for fork travel 140mm to 200mm. Before purchasing, please measure in advance and refer to the standard we offered.

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