Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bunker- new design neoprene mudguard

Mudguard seems tiny and less important but in fact it plays a vital role in riding. When it comes to muddy, sandy or watery battlefield. Any kind of bad circumstances you may want to avoid hence you want to upgrade your gear kits.

Regularly Bunker means the underground fort which also inspires us to name it. The Bunker is designed to be your protection. Set it up on your bike for preventing mud and spray up on your faces and eyes. It is perfect for both cross country and downhill. We choose Neoprene this material -synthetic rubber to make our gudguard pad. It has very good stability and maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range. Team Da Bomb applies with high technology and won't lose any opportunities to catch up with any trends.

The size of bunker has small and large.
  • Small for fork travel 90-140mm
  • Large for fork travel 140-200mm

It's fitted with any kind of forks. 


The bunker has been sold for a while. Now the second generation has added with the third snap ring. The straps all come up with the rings that strengthen the intension. As the below pic is shown, the left side one is old version for your reference. You can see that the right hand side which is with the ring underneath.

Interested in purchasing your bunker for your bike?! Please contact your local distributor or email info@dabombbike.com. 

Oh well, Don't forget to get some new designs of stickers! 8 pcs a set. Strongly recommend to decorate your bike with Da Bomb stickers!


  1. dear Dabomb bikes,

    we love to know if vision pursuit bikes are somehow related to you as they claimed they were designed by dabomb..if yes, why isn't it in your website?..by the way, these vision pursuit frames are designed brilliantly.

    these images from the links below are the vision pursuit frames that i am talking about..


    i also have written you a message in facebook to clarify this confusion..we want to know the truth as these vision pursuit frames are carrying the name of dabomb company and it may, if ever not affiliated with you, damage your prestigious reputation and customer's trust which was built for more than a decade..

    we love to hear from you..
    keep in touch in facebook..

  2. I have a vision pursuit and I bought it in the US, but am using in the Philippines. It it indeed designed by dabomb, you will notice that the dabomb XC has the same geometry with the pusuit. Vision only deals with high end bike components and they ask dabomb to design a frame for them.

  3. Hi, I like the da bomb stickers, how do I purchase from you all