Friday, May 20, 2011

Whats new of Da Bomb?!


New arrivals this month: Da skull 2 saddle& bar-end caps
By Bomb Boy
May 20, 2011

Those gadgets just came down here our warehouse, now it’s available for releasing.

Have you tried our Da skull before? It features lightweight, Kevlar material and plain. ” It has an idea came up with my mind that I kinda wanna have some rebellions and fun.” Said Danny beamed with joy. “I spent a whole afternoon sketching it on Illustrator, I need to grasp the idea which just sneaked up!” Still keep the advantages of Da skull, but becomes more destructive no matter the look or the weight is.


It’s wallet- friendly and be designed ergonomically. Lightweight low profile saddle for fast racing type.
-Kevlar rear bumper for protect rear and side.
-CroMo Rail: 7mm. Satin/White.
-Color: White.
-Weight: 269.5 g

Another creative stuff is bar-end cap; showing off your cool gadgets is the must- do besides racing. Da Bomb style consists with rebellious taste. I know, it’s a lil funky, is presented of type of street stream. Alright, even you’re already a true man, “I still believe there has a boy lives in your inside of heart, am I right?! “said the girl who used to tell me in my dream. LOL!

So you could choose different colors of bar-end caps to demonstrate your moods even your styles. Spending a lil money but the result is “get another grip look”. Available for Da Bomb Holy Shit 2 grips. Color options are anodized red, black, gold and blue.

Holy shit 2 grip
New Da Bomb Solid Skull pattern
-Alloy double-lock-clamp design.
-Out layer soft Kraton rubber, inner plastic shell.
-Length: 130mm.
-Color: Black/ White

It’s been raining rapidly in the afternoon in Taiwan. Finally, it could resolve the problem of drought. And June is upcoming, Genesis, our colleague is gonna go to Suzhou DH race in China. Who’s gonna be there, too? Anyway, weekend comes again! T.G.I friday tonight! have a fun weekend, guys!

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